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The Hardstyle Strength Academy Kettlebell Club’s curriculum was curated specifically in order to most effectively progress students from our foundational ‘KB Come-Up’ phase through four levels of skill and performance development. Each requiring the successful completion of a Rite of Passage in which the skills pertaining to each level are tested for technical proficiency as well as the students ability to achieve certain performance related benchmarks, thus setting our school of strength apart by exclusively producing only the strongest caliber Gireviks.

level 1 girya

Skill Development

  • One-arm Deadlift

  • One-arm Swing

  • One-arm Clean

  • One-arm Front Squat

  • Military Press

  • Turkish Get-Up

  • Hollow Hold


Athletic Drills

  • 2-hand side-2-side Swing

  • 2-hand Box Swing

Skill Testing

  • One-arm Swing x10/10

  • One-arm Clean & Press x5/5

  • One-arm Front Squat x5/5

  • Turkish Get-Up x1/1


Individual intensity to be determined appropriately by coach and student.


Performance Testing

  • Swing Test 2.0

              One-arm Swing x10 OTM x10 minutes

  • Terminator

              Reverse Get-Up x1 OTM x10 minutes

level 1 band

level 2 girya

Skill Development

  • Single-leg Deadlift

  • Half Kneeling Windmill

  • One-arm Snatch

  • Double Swing

  • Double Clean

  • Double Press

  • Double Front Squat

  • Flexed Arm Hang

  • Renegade Row


Athletic Drills

  • One-arm hand-2-hand Swing

  • Goblet Clean to Lunge


Skill Testing

  • Single-leg Deadlift x5/5

  • Half Kneeling Windmill x3/3

  • One-arm Snatch x5/5

  • Double Swing x5

  • Double Clean x5

  • Double Press x5

  • Double Front Squat x5


Individual intensity to be determined appropriately by coach and student.


Performance Testing

  • Simple & Sinister

              One-arm Swing x10 OT30s x5 minutes

              3 Minutes Rest

              Turkish Get-Up x1 OTM x10 minutes

  • Deep 6

              One-arm Swing x5 + One-arm Snatch x5 + Clean & Press x5 + One-arm Front Squat x5 + Reverse Get-Up x1

              x3 Rounds

level 2 band

level 3 girya

Skill Development

  • Windmill

  • Long Press

  • Push-Press

  • Viking Push-Press

  • One-arm Jerk

  • Double High Pull

  • Pull-Up

  • Bottoms-Up Series

  • Clean, Press & Squat


Athletic Drills

  • Clean to Lunge

  • Snatch to Lunge


Skill Testing

  • Windmill x5/5

  • Push-Press x5/5

  • One-arm Jerk x5/5

  • Flexed Arm Hang/Pull-Up

  • W x30 seconds, M x3


Individual intensity to be determined appropriately by coach and student.


Performance Testing

  • Snatch Test

              100 Reps x5 minutes

  • Double Trouble

              DBL Swing x5, DBL Clean x5, DBL Military Press x5, DBL Front Squat x5

              x3 Rounds

level 3 band

level 4 girevik

Skill Development

  • Bent Press

  • Two Hands Anyhow

  • Double Push-Press

  • Double Jerk

  • Double Snatch

  • Hanging Leg Raise


Athletic Drills

  • One-arm Split Clean

  • One-arm Split Snatch


Skill Testing

  • Bent Press x3/3

  • Double Jerk x5

*Snatch test sized bells or heavier required for all skills, strength and performance testing.


Performance Testing

Strength Test

  • Turkish Get-Up x1/1

  • One-arm Military Press x1

*W, One bell size above snatch test bell

*M, Two bell sizes above snatch test bell

  • Snatch Test - 100 Reps x5 minutes


  • Force Recon

              One-arm Clean & Jerk x5/5 OTM x10 minutes

level 4 band
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